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Target one

In the wake of 9-11 the United States has with her allies conducted a comprehensive war on terror. Beginning with the occupation of Afghanistan in 2003, splintering and marginalising terror groups through to the identification and arrest of operatives, elimination of cells and organisers to culminate in the raid to capture Osama Bin Laden in  May 2011

In all this time the Islamic jihad has suffered reverse after reverse. They may be down but they are not done. Al Qaeda has unfinished business.

Have you ever wondered what REALLY happened to MH370?


When the Interplanetary Transport Craft Excelsior experiences an inflight engine explosion an investigation into the cause is instigated. Lacking a Transportation Safety Board, Commissioner Tanya Jones must undertake the enquiry.  Like all incidents the investigation takes time to eliminate a number of dead ends.

When IPTC Excerptor crashes, it’s a different matter. That an external influence has interfered with the craft becomes clear quite quickly.  How, who and why are the questions Tanya has to discover.

A Law Unto Herself.e cover 1

A Law Unto Herself

Commissioner Tanya Jones of the Mars Police is woken early with a report of a mining accident in an outlying crater. On arrival at scene her suspicions are aroused and amongst the tangled wreckage the evidence is reveals the unusual incident as a case of murder. Illicitly modified machinery is set to kill, the question is who modified it, who activated it and why. Peeling back the layers Tanya discovers CIA involvement both in the attempt to discredit her predecessor that brought her to Mars and the murder itself, as a means of covering tracks. Sourcing the method of importation of the trigger mechanism leads Tanya to the uncovering of a diamond smuggling, gun and drug running operation. In finally revealing who and why, Tanya has introduced not only law, but also a court and sentence. She is the law.

An Afghan Affair

A dramatic romance full of emotion: loyalty, fear, anger, distrust, prejudice, admiration and love to name but a few. For Pamela Shawe, joining an aid team providing help to remote villages in a strife torn country provides her with a purpose to life and the family bonds she lacked in the suburban rut back home. It’s no easy thing to fit into an all male team in a male dominated society but Pam has shown her worth, in the times to come she will have to cope with more than even this assignment bargained for.

An Afghan Affair
An Unusual Profession.e cover 1

An Usual Profession

Tanya Jones is given a short notice assignment by her boss at the United Nations Investigations Committee on Human Rights Abuse. (UNICHRA) The assignment is to investigate allegations of commercial oppression in the form of contractual misconduct and the imposition of unacceptable living conditions in a remote mining location.

Accepting the job, Tanya is told that her assignment will take her there and back in just four months. That remote location is Mars. Unknowingly, she is a replacement for her colleague David Wilkie, an implanted CIA operative who dies in a street accident days before he is due to leave. She is then blackmailed by the CIA into taking Willkie’s’ place to spy on the propulsion technology used by the civil organization she will be investigating.

The Pittsburgh Pirate

So onto yet another murder, or to be precise, murders. For behind another ‘accidental’ death Tanya Jones has uncovered a series of incidents over the years that point the finger of suspicion at serial killings. With once again no why or who she solicits the help of her father, a detective on the Pittsburgh Police Force to help figure if she has got it right, and if so to solve the crimes. With Pa comes his Sergeant, Les Huntsacker. The guy Tanya was expecting is revealed as Lesley Huntsacker, the third woman to join the Martian colony and the person to tie it all together. For unlike Tanya and her Pa, Les is a fact sifter and the facts make the case. Petty greed and sporting rivalry have turned a mild and unassuming man into a multiple killer. There are not many individuals who really make a difference in a sports team and over the years Jan Kneiper has made sure none of them will spoil his vision.

The Pittsburgh Pirate.e cover 1

a Greater Game

The legality recognition of mars is presented to the UN general assembly. Despite American, Chinese and Russians opposition the vote is passed. However, the United States refuses to ratify that recognition, insisting that US interests and law precedes any other. The Americans and UCC are at odds, and for a reason.

The debate on space, overtly a method of policing and enforcing the UN 1967 Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space grinds to a halt and Commissioner Tanya Jones has to go back to Mars with an unfinished job.

A Greater Game.e cover 1

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